Tuesday, 6 June 2017

Sellafield 24/7 Electricity to supply 930,277 Lancastrians and Save 94,153,882 tonne of CO2 Emissions.

In 2016, 338.6 TWh of electricity were generated in the UK

In 2016, the population of the UK was 65,111,143

That means every hour of every day, every man, woman and child in the UK 'used' 594 Watts - that includes the electricity used domestically and by industry, commerce, schools, hospitals - and everything that, 
for each and everyone of us, provides our 
wonderful way of life.
On a site the size of a large supermarket, the GE-Hitachi PRISM Reactor has an installed capacity of 622 MW. It will operate at 90% capacity factor for 60 years

Every hour it will generate 559,800,000 Watts of 24/7, low-carbon electricity.

So it is capable of supplying: 
942,424 people, every year for 60 years !

100 miles of National Grid, serving:
City of Lancaster: Population 138,375
Preston Built Up Area: Population 313,322
City of Liverpool: Population 478,580
Grand Total: 930,277
List of Towns and Cities in Lancashire by Population

With coal disappearing from the electricity generating scene, a conservative estimation of emissions saved would be to consider displacing gas-fired generation:
"...electricity supplied by gas (320 tonnes of carbon dioxide per GWh)..."
P. 15 - Electricity Generation. CO2 Emissions by Fuel Type

From a tiny supermarket-sized site, this single PRISM installation will generate 4,904 GWh of 24/7 electricity and save 1,569,231 t CO2 emissions, every year for 60 years.


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