Monday, 7 October 2013

Bob Geldof to head up 'Atomic-Aid' Event!

Bob Geldof was so incensed by being called a 'Silly Old Git', by a 75 year old nuclear (breeder reactor) campaigner, that he has vowed do a crash course in nuclear engineering and put his heart and soul into the promotion of breeder reactors.

He accepts unequivocally, that breeder reactor technology is capable of solving all of the worst problems facing humanity. His prognosis of wipe-out of the human race by 2030, is now confined to the dustbin of history. He accepts that his powers of communication, in the promotion of breeder reactor technology, will do a thousand times more good for the poverty 
stricken and under privileged than he did with all of his Live-Aid endeavours. 

He's already been on the phone to Jagger and Bowie and they've said it won't be 'Dancin' in the Street' this time - it will be - [Atomic] Power to All Our Friends.

And then - prismsuk woke up!