Thursday, 5 July 2018

13 Days of Low Levels of UK Wind Power Rectified by £632 billion of Powerpack 2 Batteries!

The UK’s installed wind power capacity is 19,261 MW
Load Factor for all wind: 30.1%

At 30.1% load factor, 19,261 MW of capacity is generating on average over the year 5,797.6 MW. 

But for a 13 day x 24 hour period (312 hours) it only generated 963.4 MW. 

That’s 4,834.2 MW lower than average. 

For battery storage to make up this shortfall it would have to deliver 
4,834.2 MW x 312 hours: 1,508,270 MWh

At £419,050/MWh, the cost of battery capacity to deliver 1,508,270 MWh is 
£632 billion

The Tesla Powerpack 2 unit has a capacity of 0.2 MWh, so to deliver 1,508,270 MWh would require: 
7,541,350 Powerpack 2 units.

With a base measurement of 1.308m x 0.822m the land area occupied by 7,541,350 Powerpack 2 units would be 
8.1 km2 (2.85km x 2.85km).

The cost of ‘solving’ a random 13 day intermittency issue is when the idiocy of renewable dissolves into lunacy. Talk of breakthroughs in battery technology and wonderful new storage techniques is revealed as pure dreamland fantasy.