Wednesday, 27 August 2014

Steve Jones Explains the Outcome of "...the Most Cynical Experiment ever carried out in Biology..."

Radioactivity - radiation - nuclear accidents - mutation - atom bombs - 1 million years of storage!

Powerful sound-bites, lacking in detail and comparative dangers can so easily distort the thinking of the reading, listening and viewing public. They just don't have the time or interest to research reality: Radiophobia 

The Japanese people were participants in this 'cynical experiment'. 

Mutational meltdown was anticipated. For 50 years, biologists and later, geneticists, watched the outcome unravel.

Let Steve Jones educate you in the outcome. 

Steve Jones is an impartial geneticist who, as far as I am aware, has never expressed an opinion or preference for nuclear or any other form of power generation. 

He tells us about the genetics of radiation - and then tells us a bit about mutations wrought by other than radiation. Chemical poisons and pollution are pervasive and widespread, causing mutational damage, in particular to the peoples of the less developed countries.

Just like anybody with a phobia, radiophobes need to worry. Listen and learn from Steve Jones - cease worrying about radiation and start to worry about prolonging the years of carcinogen output from every other form of power generation - including the manufacture of renewables.

Melvyn Bragg introduces the topic at 14:40 - Take it on board for goodness sake: GENETIC MUTATION