Thursday, 8 June 2017

930,277 Lancastrians reject 299 sq km of Offshore Wind in Favour of a Single Sellafield Reactor.

A Sellafield based Nuclear Reactor 
can generate all of the electricity [domestic; commercial; industrial] used by a population of 942,424 people for 60 years.  That's more than what is required for the Cities of Lancaster, Preston and Liverpool.
Population Supplied: 930,277
6 Offshore Wind Farms
Off the North West Coast of England are : 
West of Duddon Sands; Walney; Robin Rigg; Ormonde; Barrow; Burbo Bank.          
4C Offshore

A total of 363 x 3.47 MW [average] turbines occupy 188 sq km, have an Installed Capacity of 1,260 MW, have an Average Lifespan of 22.5 years and cost £3,655 million 
[£2.9 million/MW Installed]

'Homes powered annually': 762,507.
BEIS figure: 3,994 kWh/home per year.
So - Electricity generated per hour: 347,654,447 W
 @594 W/person
Population Supplied: 585,277
To supply 930,277 would:
Require 577 x 3.47 MW Turbines
Occupy an Area of 299 sq km
Have an Installed Capacity of 2,002 MW
Cost £5,806 million
To supply for 60 years, all of this Offshore Wind Farm Capacity has to be built a 2nd Time and then Generate for 2/3 of the life of the 3rd Build - That's a factor of X2.66' !
That would cost: £15,487 million.
[The output from 1,539 x 3.47 MW turbines]
The most expensive form of Pressurised Water Reactor, the the 3,200 MW EPR at Hinkley Point, has a capital cost of £18 Billion + a 'delayed' cost of £7.2 billion for decommissioning and waste handling and storage. That works out at £7,875 million/MW.
At the same rate in £/MW for capital cost, decommissioning, waste handling and storage, a 620 MW SMR would cost:                    £4,883 million.

Offshore Wind Turbines cost 3.17X more than SMRs !

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