Monday, 19 December 2016

What do we Want - Wind Farms ----- Where do we want them - Nature Reserves !!

Hark ! - The cry of the Lesser Spotted Environmentalist.
Habitat:     Urban and Metropolitan Back Yards.
Distribution:     Worldwide.

Then along comes Aikengall II

Comprising of 22 x 3.6 MW turbines with a total of 79.2 MW installed capacity and occupying an area of 6.3 sq km, Aikengall II will deliver 208,138 MWh per year over its 25 year 'Operational Phase'. 

That's 5.2 TWh of [intermittent] electricity in total, at a cost of £120 million:     
Cost October 21 2016

But Hinkley point C nuclear power plant will deliver 1,513.7 TWh of [24/7] electricity over its 60 year design life, so we'd need to build 191 onshore wind farms of this capacity, occupying an area measuring 35 km x 35 km to deliver as much [intermittent] electricity as Hinkley - perched on its site measuring 830 m x 830 m.

And that would cost:     £34.92 billion
Costing 94% more than Hinkley !!

and just imagine what this does to the pristine ecosystems and rare species on that 1 site:

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