Saturday, 7 March 2015

Australia's PRISMs and their No. 1 PRISMer

From The Studios of The Australian Broadcasting Corporation
Robyn Williams Introduces:
Dr Oscar Archer

Who says: 

Give Australia your nuclear waste, those poor unwanted masses so you can breathe free. The wretched refuse of your reactor storage caskets. Send this hopeless, tossed-away refuse to us! 

With this opening shot Dr Archer might well expect a rough ride:
"...and it [the concept] goes like this. Australia establishes the world’s first multinational repository for used fuel - what's often called nuclear waste..."

But it gets much better - 'Listen Now' or Download.

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"...At maturity, Australia is primarily running on PRISM reactors fuelled by the used fuel we received. The world is running on a much larger number of Generation III+ reactors that we supply with our uranium exports under a fuel leasing model. 

The transition to PRISM world-wide is under-way on the back of Australia’s pioneering embrace of this technology with support of key partners. Australia is exporting the starter bundles of metal fuel from our own PRISM fleet while continuing to derive revenue from the multi-national repository and uranium exports..."

Now Dr Archer couldn't say fairer than that - could he?

It's well worth a 12 minutes listen of anybody's time!


  1. He me! Thanks for this post, Colin. I can't claim the idea was mine but I had fun presenting it on radio.

    I can see we are of like minds regarding breeder reactors. Are you aware that M. King Hubert (originator of the models behind Peak Oil) reached the same conclusion in 1956?

    1. Hello Oscar.

      Terrific blog you host - have added it to my Blog List.

      I'm on the downhill slope towards 80 now and not very active on the blogging front, I'm afraid.

      I'm a big believer in pro-nuclear sound-bites for public consumption, on the premiss that any member of the public looking for a bit of information about nuclear - or ideally PRISMs in particular - will not spend a long time ploughing through learned ( or long and complicated) articles.

      I'm in the market for any juicy bits of data regarding PRISM happenings in Australia, if you hear of anything..